Trust is a game of give and take, don’t let yourself look like a fool
The con in disguise is a man named Jade, he walks like and talks like he’s in school

But why oh why, did we pick on such a losing place they, yes they,
knew we were in a brand new space

Oh, the crisco here and the chronic there, the money is what will make them care
Don’t try to decide just what is fair, just watch yer back and don’t lose your pretty hair

I can’t explain, why our roots are still in vain, and don’t tell me how
I’m gonna play this goddamn game

sometimes though truth is shared, trust is spared a longtime friend

Black Jade funk, yes sir, smoke it up
Black Jade funk, drink it down
Black Jade funk, drink it up
Black Jade funk, trip us and smoke us down

Lyrics by Rik Da Mongoose
Copyright 1993 Jahstone Studios, ECHO-N MUSIC