1. Egypt


Egypt it’s a land of mystery. Of aliens, papyrus, desert sand and the Pyramids.

Only Sphynx it knows the truth that in time has been removed

Could Aliens appear from the sky, or is it man that’s is civilized

Egypt, Ancient History. Covered by the sands of time and marked by the pyramids

Maybe ALIEN dreams holds the key

An unknown source of wisdom has exulted the kingdom of EGYPT of EGYPT

I wanna lie in the desert sand waiting for the ALIEN

Alien Mentality Alien Mentality ALIEN

Egypt holds the key to the stars, written on papyrus or hidden among the pyramids

All of us wish we could open the dream

Only Sphynx can tell the truth before it erodes in time. Egypt Egypt

EGYPT it’s a land of mystery. of Aliens, papyrus, desert sands, and the pyramids.

I wanna lie in the desert sun waiting for the ALIENS in EGYPT.

Lyrics by Rik Da Mongoose
Performed By Twisted Stone
Copyright 1996 Jahstone Studios, 2021 ECHO-N MUSIC