Opening Verse
Fingertips in My Eye
My Ego is Not Alive
Better Cease to Persist
or Flesh and Blood is
Gonna Fly!

Nevermind I will not try to save your mind this time
Sick and tired of bleeding wounds my energy will now resume

Chorus Second Verse
Please Release the Stress Yes I Know I‘ve Changed My Mind
That’s under Your Fair Skin But Don’t Think That Things are Fine
And Confess that this is the End Nothing Ever Lasts Forever and
Suddenly I’m, I’m aware of my Needs This Time I Enjoyed the Ride
Don’t Think I need to Fall in Love And So as we Part Today
Confusion Still Rots Your Brain

Second Chorus A Capella

Third Verse Third Chorus
Somethings Wrong in my Head
I Do Not Know What was Said C.A.F.E. To The End
Nothing Ever Last Forever and
With Love Comes Lots Of Pain
And So as You Hear These Things Lyrics By Rik Da Mongoose
I’m Sure That You Are Gonna Ball Performed By Wejah Stone
AND SO AS WE GO I Must SAY Copyright 1994 Jahstone Studios,
GOOD DAY! 2021 ECHO-N Music