1. Our Song

From the recording Our Song


I know your gonna hear our song. In learning truth you can’t go wrong.
If the past really has no claim, then memory can hold no blame.

The Law is pretty plain, learn to love to release the pain.
The lord works mysterious ways. Just go with the flow and give thanks.

In us the power lies. We create delude and we disguise.
With power we must be wise not to fuel the fire of these lies.

OOOOOOhhhh this is my reality
OOOOOOhhhh human suffering

Here’s to our song, cause we feel that this is the time.
We must act now and be wise.

Lyrics by Webale Sung By Rik Da Mongoose Performed By PARADOX
Copyright 1994 Jahstone Studios, 2021 ECHO-N MUSIC